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Here’s The First Trailer For Jeremy Clarkson’s “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”

The Top Gear and Grand Tour presenters have always been busy with side projects while filming their principal TV shows, but that’s dropped off a bit since the start of the latter show since the BBC used to produce most of the old ones. However, Jeremy Clarkson was recently announced as the new host of the revived Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, and the first new trailer is right here. And surprise surprise, it’s got a car in it.

ITV is producing the new series to coincide with the original’s twentieth anniversary, and they’ve promised that the format will mostly stay the same with Clarkson at the helm; but to prevent it from becoming formulaic, it’ll have a few new things that haven’t been confirmed, but will probably keep it interesting.

Clarkson will host seven new episodes nightly through one week of programming, meaning his tenure on Millionaire will be short and sweet. There’s no specified release date other than “this May,” so anyone in the UK with ITV should keep their eyes peeled next month.

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