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How to Watch The Grand Tour Season 1 for Free if You Can Resist The Amazon

We’re almost done with The Grand Tour and even though it’s the number one show in Amazon history, there are still former Top Gear fans out there who don’t have the means to pay for a subscription service like Amazon Instant Video. Although we think the $99 per year fee is a steal, considering how much music, video and free shipping you can get out of it, we understand that not everyone feels the same way.

It is for those fans that still love the boys and the antics they bring to the silver screen that we share this pro tip for. Since we are now at the end of Season 1, all the episodes will be available for fans to binge watch to their heart’s desire. Now, with Amazon’s Free 30 Day trial where you can cancel your service in the first 30 days and not be charged a thing, fans can binge The Grand Tour and then if they still think Amazon membership isn’t worth it, they can go ahead and cancel their membership without being charged a dime.

Step into The Grand Tour

You’re going to need to go buy an Amazon Prime subscription, since Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos paid a reported $250 million for it, he’s hoping to get his money back from the $99 a year subscription for all the former Top Gear fans coming over.

NUMBERS: Amazon needs to sign up 2.52 million new subscribers over the next 3 years to break even on this deal if they were not to sell any advertisements in the show.

With that fact, it seems very unlikely Amazon will sell the rights to the show to any television networks hoping to show reruns of the show.

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Important: Once your month is up you’ll need to cancel your membership to ensure you don’t start getting charged. Just go to your account and click manage your Prime membership. Next, click do not continue on the left-hand side of the page.

Think before you cancel – Options to Consider when Cutting the Cord

If you’ve been on the fence about cutting the cord and living off just streaming content, then this is probably the best reason to do it. Along with the ability to watch the boys race supercars and tell jokes that would make a teenage boy blush, you’re also getting a lot more with your Amazon subscription:

  • Free 2-Day delivery on packages. Some times free same-day delivery!
  • Unlimited streaming of movies and tv shows on your amazon enabled devices.
    • HBO Library
    • Amazon Original Programing
    • Some Movies & TV Shows: Senna, PBS for Kids, The Walking Dead, Dallas Buyers Club, Boogie Nights, etc.
  • Unlimited Prime Music: Think Spotify, Pandora or iTunes Radio
  • Unlimited Photo Storage

If you play your cards right, you could get your $99 back in free deliveries alone!

Amazon TV BundleIf you need to ween yourself off traditional cable television, there are services such as Playstation TV and Sling, which broadcast live tv such as ESPN, History, FoodTV, Travel Channel, TNT and TBS. Costs range from $20-$25 a month, but compared to $150 a month for cable, this could be a great deal:

On average, traditional cable tv costs an average household about $1800 a year. With this setup, you’re looking at under $500 for the first year and then $340 a year after that. Not bad, huh?

Apologies on how salesy this looks, but we’re just trying our best to answer all the questions as best as we can, so we don’t have to answer any more in the future! 

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Technology – What equipment should you get?


Since this epic new motoring show is going to be shot in HDR/4k Ultra HD, make sure you have an Amazon device that is capable of delivery 4k streaming content to your television.

Next, you should make sure you have a 4k enabled television. If money’s no object, then check out Samsung and LG OLEDs and while you’re at it, make a donation to Grand Tour Nation. If money is an object, then check out the M-series by Vizio, which we honestly think is the best bang for your buck 4k televisions out there.

*Note – You don’t have to have a 4k enabled television to watch The Grand Tour. Any tv that can receive a digital signal should do the trick!

Although executive producer, Andy Wilman, said it was very difficult to film in 4k, it was something that Amazon pushed hard for, so let’s hope the image/sound quality can keep up with the quality of show Clarkson, Hammond and May will bring to us in October!

Streaming Device

You do NOT need an Amazon device to watch Amazon Videos. You just need a device that can enable Amazon Videos such as an iPhone with the Amazon Videos App or an Android Device with the Amazon Videos App.

Solutions for Every Budget (if you already have a Amazon Prime account)

  • Free if you watch videos on a computer, mobile device or internet enabled television
    • Download the App: iOS | Android
    • Use Your Smart TV Apps: Vizio, Samsung & TCL Roku TVs
    • Open a browser on your computer and go to: Amazon Video
  •  $0-$50
    • Amazon Fire Stick | $39.99 – Just plug it into your HDMI enabled tv and login to your Amazon Prime account.
    • Amazon Fire Tablet | $49.99 – Login with your Amazon Prime and Open your App
    • From what we’ve learned, Google Chromecast does not work with Amazon Prime. Correct us if we’re wrong.
    • Roku Streaming Stick | $49.99 – Just plug it into your HDMI enabled tv and login to your Amazon Prime account.
  • $51-$100
    • Roku 3 | $78.75 – Just plug it into your HDMI enabled tv and login to your Amazon Prime account. This is NON-4k.
    •  Amazon Fire TV | $99.99 – 4K Enabled. Just plug it into your HDMI enabled tv and login to your Amazon Prime account.
    • Apple TV does not work with Amazon Instant Videos. Apparently, they’re still negotiating out a deal, since they are direct competitors with each other.
  • $100-$150
    • Roku 4 | $114.18 – – 4K Enabled. Just plug it into your HDMI enabled tv and login to your Amazon Prime account. In our honest opinion, the only reason Roku can justify the $15 markup over the Amazon device is that they are not tied to the Amazon eco-system and can adapt to new technology faster.

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  1. The downside being that if you’ve had a 30 day free trial in the past, you’re no longer eligible for it.

    Alternatives include canceling and re registering with a new email address every 29 days but that will soon become labour intensive, and one month you WILL forget to do it…

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