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Is Jeremy Clarkson Now a Fan of American Muscle Cars?

One of the running gags on The Grand Tour and the previous incarnation of Top Gear has been Jeremy’s distaste for American cars; to him, American cars are cheaply made, crass, loud, and can’t make a turn to save their lives. In the past, I would have agreed with him. But times have changed, and apparently, so has Jeremy’s tune.

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Jezza was asked some of his thoughts on the current state of American cars, to which he gave some pretty “out of character” answers:

“BZ: Well, what about American cars? Have they gotten any better in your opinion?

JC: Yeah, much better. The new Corvettes are truly fantastic. You couldn’t possibly have one in Europe because you’d look like a moron. But, it’s a fabulous car. In fact, the last two generations have been extremely impressive.

BZ: Even for everyday road use?

JC: Yeah. Very very good. And I’d also say that, for the same exact reasons I was discussing with you on the McLaren, the Mustang is also a really good car.”

We a drove the Roush one in the opening scene (of the first episode) and that was a really good car.”

Roush Stage 3

You may recall the intro to the premiere episode, where the boys each drove a performance variant of the current Ford Mustang. Jeremy had the Fisker-Galpin Rocket, James the Roush Stage 3, and Richard the Shelby GT350. I honestly thought the hosts would all agree on the GT350 being the best, but Jeremy seemed to think the RS3 won top marks.

“BZ: You had a (Henrik Fisker-designed, modified Mustang) Rocket as well right?

JC: Yeah, but the Roush was better. The Roush was the best of those three.

BZ: Even better than the Shelby GT350?

JC: I thought so. The last Roush I drove — based on the last model Mustang — was (on the track) at Willow Springs. I was just absolutely bowled over by it. Roush are really good. Never met them. Don’t even know who they are or where they are, but I’ve driven two of their cars now and both of them have been incredibly impressive.”

SOURCE | Business Insider

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