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James May And Doug DeMuro Get Real About The Ferrari 458 and Teslas

In a follow up to their video call the other week, James May and Doug DeMuro reconveined to discuss some of May’s vehicle choices.

When the 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale that May owns gets brought up, he gives a surprising take on it feeling dated, and not like the exciting supercar it once was.


For starters, the 597 horsepower delivered by the 458’s natural aspirated engine has lagged behind the turbocharged 488, with 711 horsepower, Ferrari has since developed.

Understandably, the infotainment and other trim features aren’t exactly pros of driving the Ferrari either. The pair joke about how Ferrari should just contract superior sat-navs and air conditioning systems from Toyota or Porsche, which in fairness, nobody would mind.

It’s when Tesla gets brought up that things turn slightly negative. The pair both agree that Tesla fanboys are the most easily instigated by reviews or negative comments. With both May and DeMuro having examples of mostly positive reviews shaking the hornets nest.

The charging situation stands out as a major downside for the pair’s experience with Teslas. May is quick to concede that range wouldn’t be an issue for most people, but that he doesn’t want to rely on Superchargers on long road trips.

DeMuro jumps on board by claiming that even on his overwhelmingly positive Tesla reviews, he doesn’t see the current state of charging as reasonable, which triggers Tesla fanboys.

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