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James May and the Story of the Ferrari 458 Speciale

The story goes that Captain Slow took his time to decide on whether or not he could put down the £208,090 for a Ferrari 458 Speciale. So long that by the time he went down to his local dealership, there were no more to be bought.

As a co-host for the most popular motoring show in the world, May made a call to the Italians and was able to talk them into making them one more Speciale just for him.

“But then he rang the factory, which agreed to make one more – for me. Imagine that. I would own the last example of the last normally aspirated mid-engined V8 Ferrari. Yes, please, I said breathlessly.”

Here’s the twist. James May took the order after the fracas between Jeremy Clarkson and Oisen whatever his name is, so May is sitting there in 2015 with no job, but a shiny new Ferrari.

“I really have ordered a new Ferrari, which I accept is a strange thing for an unemployed person to do.”

But then Amazon came through and picked the boys up to produce The Grand Tour and May got off the hook for his new toy. The full story is great to check out, so click here for the full article. 


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  1. Regarding the picture:. Tell your Photoshopperer that May would certainly have ordered right hand drive.

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