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James May: “Buying A Supercar Is A Service to The Community” Says Grand Tour Presenter In Controversial Comment

James May of The Grand Tour and previously Top Gear is a well known car enthusiast who’s just invested in a pub and has a successful career with the popular Amazon motor show and DriveTribe at his feet. So it came as a surprise when he told us on YouTube that he is selling his gorgeous and rare Ferrari 308.

He took to the camera to exaplain why he was removing the Ferrari from his collection, and explains that it no longer served a purpose to him.

“In the end I didn’t really drive it very often, and it’s become old tech,” he explains.

“It’s become out of step from the spirit of the age.”

He tells the camera sadly that he simply didn’t love it anymore, despite how much he likes looking at it.

“It’s a fantastic looking thing, and possibly one of the prettiest Ferraris ever made, in my view.”

He explains however that this wasn’t enough. James May has in his collection a number of modern cars, including an all-electric Tesla Model S, a hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai, and an Alpine A110. He obviously has a taste for the latest, modern cars and technology on sale. His 308 however, is “almost as if it was designed to be a poster.”

“Or a nice little model that you have on your desk that you drive around occassionally when you’re trying to avoid doing some work, but not to drive.

“If you are driving a good looking car, that’s actually a service to everyone else because they can see it.

“But you can’t because you’re in in it.”

He continues to discuss why driving a supercar isn’t the best idea.

“I’ve often argued that driving around in a supercar is a bit like buying a Rembrandt or a Jackson Pollock but hanging it on the outside of your house so that everybody else can enjoy it.

“It is a service the community but it’s not much of a service to yoruself.”

He continues to emphasise that he is talking about the 308, and not the Ferrari 458 Speciale which he has admitted he loves. The 458 is the last naturally aspirated mid-engined V8 supercar from the Italian marque, and is quickly rising in value because of this. When talking about selling it, May explains how “that would be an absurd thing to do”.


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