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James May Comments On Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear End: “It Wasn’t Fair On Oisin”

After a dramatic end to his career at the BBC, James May has revealed his thoughts on Jeremy Clarkson’s exit from Top Gear in 2015.

As goes the legend, Clarkson’s contract at the BBC wasn’t renewed after he punched the Top Gear producer at the time Oisin Tymon. This “fracas” became a headline across the country, and resulted in the car show coming to an end before the presenters moved to Prime Video with their new show, The Grand Tour.

You’d expect there to be some form of falling out between Clarkson, May, and Richard Hammond because of this. Well, you’d be right. James was annoyed, and it was quite a few months before the two presenters got together to talk it out.

He goes on to explain how the story was blown out of proportion by the media:

At the time, Jeremy eventually apologies to Tymon, who had been experiencing backlash from fans of Clarkson who were angry that the presenter’s contract had come to an end:

The BBC also released a statement after the case had been resolved:

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