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James May Denies Health Issues Ahead Of Our Man In Italy: “That’s B*****ks!”

This month, we’ll see James May return to Prime Video in his new series, ‘Our Man in Italy’. But before he takes us on his travels across the beautiful country of Italy, he has one thing he wants to straighten out.

His career alongside Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond has taken him around the world in the greatest cars, but it hasn’t been without its danger. Top Gear saw him drive up the side of a volcano, and The Grand Tour saw him sail across a rough sea in an antique.

But earlier this year it was reported that James May suffered from a heart attack while filming for Top Gear in the early days before its reboot. Phillipa Sage, Clarkson’s partner at the time, told the press that he felt chest pains due to a suspected heart attack.

“Paramedics confirmed no heart attack but not surprisingly he was clearly suffering from stress and the effects of a not so healthy lifestyle,” she said at the time.

“After a snooze, he declared he felt better and he would go ahead with the evening’s performance.”

He was asked about this by

As we’ve seen from the trailer of Our Man in Italy, there’s a lot of eating. We can see him creating a full English breakfast pizza as well as tasting cheese with famous TikTok personality Grace. He was asked if he’d managed to maintain his new healthy weight while traveling through Italy.

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