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James May Discusses Top Gear, Chris Evans, and The Grand Tour

Making an appearance on the UK morning talk show “This Morning Today”, James revealed how he felt about the temporary, although not intentionally, move Chris Evans took in trying to fulfill the lead role on Top Gear following his and his co-hosts exit.

In response to Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, he said that “He was a very brave man.”  When Ruth followed up by asking James if he was surprised about Evans leaving and not sticking it out, James had no response, but instead said that Evans was a “ballsy bloke” and “slightly mad” for attempting to fill the Top Gear shoes, further stating that if he (James) had been in the same position he would not have done the same thing.

In a further show of class, James went on in the interview to further compliment the attempt by Evans to take over Top Gear, saying that it was “a good try”, which is about a nice a thing as anyone could say, especially those who have seen the series.

The one season of Top Gear in which Chris Evans hosted was doomed from the start it would seem. Inconsistent reports of who would co-host, strong criticism of those chosen, and absolutely abysmal reviews of the series, as a whole, left Evans with no will to go on. Subsequently, Evans decided not to return for another season. In other bad news for Chris, following his leave of the show, the BBC star suffered more bad news as he lost nearly half a million members of his radio audience in the following months, a brutal blow to his career.



Aside from Chris Evans, James spoke of Top Gear and its future competition with his new show, which recently premiered to rave reviews, The Grand Tour, James said, “There is more than one way to do a car show, and the BBC will find theirs” and he added that he wasn’t worried about trying to compete with their show, instead commenting that “It’s nice to have two car shows you can spark off”.

It looks like James May is as classy as ever. He’s understandably relieved at the positive reception of his new show and doesn’t look to bear any ill-will towards his prior employer or its employees. Hats off to you James, and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the upcoming episodes of The Grand Tour.

Source & Pictures : The Sun

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