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James May doesn’t Want To Do The Grand Tour For “Too Much Longer” Due To His Age

James May reveals that he doesn’t want to be doing The Grand Tour for too much longer after he’s starting to feel his age. He is, after all, 56 years old.

In a recent column, he said:

“How do I feel about ageing? Bad. I’m in the second half of my fifties now and in all honesty, I’m slightly falling apart.

“I’m developing nervous disorders and aches and I don’t think I’ll do this much longer because I don’t want to fall apart in public.


“It would just be a bit undignified and I don’t think people want to see it.”

With Our Man In Japan now streaming on Amazon Prime Video alongside The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen, he certainly hasn’t stopped yet, and will be up to filming more documentaries his Japanese travel series was so well received.

James May: Next Grand Tour Episode Will Be Fantastic

James continues:

“There’s almost certainly more of it behind us than in front of us. How long do you want to see old blokes?

“Jeremy’s possibly even more decrepit than me.

“When it takes us 15 minutes to get out of a Ferrari, do you really want to see that? It’s sad.

“You’re supposed to leave the audience wanting more.

“We never thought we’d be doing it this long — and we never really thought about how it would end.”

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