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James May Gives Us An Information Filled Ferrari 308 Video

You’ve all seen those YouTube car review videos; someone gives a fairly in-depth review of a car while walking around said car. You’ll hear info on all sort of things like performance specs, interesting features, etc. and then the review is over, without the host ever getting into the car or driving around in the car.

And you think to yourself “Did that guy just walk to a dealership, turn on his camera, walk around a random car giving out info, then just leave?”

Our resident Captain Slow has decided to get in on the video car review phenomenon with his own walk around video featuring his beautiful Ferrari 308 GTB. Be forewarned; this video is quite thrilling:

In all seriousness, this car is quite a beauty. According to May, this car is a 255 BHP classic with a beautiful snarl, complete with the original 14 inch wheels which were brought down from the 15 inchers that were on there when the car was first purchased.

Or as May puts it, the car was “unpimped.”

May promises a driving video of the 308 in the near future, which I’m sure will be filled with his trademark dry wit and an overabundance of information. In the meantime, let’s all enjoy this instant classic in May’s repertoire of video appearances.

For the record, I’m reluctant to point out any specific examples of the silly review videos that I mentioned in the beginning of this piece since I don’t really want to call anyone out, but a quick search on YouTube should yield plenty of results. it seems that anyone and their mothers is making car videos these days, for better or worse.

Tony Hsieh

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