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James May Goes Through Every Job He’s Been Fired From

We love James May’s story as to why he got fired from Autocar, but want to know more about what else he’s been fired from? Well, this brilliant video below has everything you need!

The video begins with James talking through the time he very aggressively stopped someone from stealing his Volvo. Although it actually turns out that it was this man’s Volvo, it just looked very similar to the Volvo James was hiring at the time.

The next story he discusses is Tiff Needell, who he believes is the best person in the world at driving a car and talking at the same time.

“I’m crap at it,” James says. “I’m good at talking, but not very good at going sideways.

“I don’t really approve of it, though, it’s a bit of a left wing plot.”

He finishes the video with a list of all the jobs he’s been fired from, which includes a Volvo dealer, Top Gear Magazine, a sweet shop, and… well, we’ll let you watch the video for the complete run down.

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