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James May: Grand Tour Presenter Drives His New Car Properly For The First Time

So far, James May has had bad luck with his new Toyota Mirai. On the day of the reveal – the first time he’d actually looked at his new car – he attempted a drive around London. Unfortunately, living up to his name of Captain Slow, they weren’t able to reach double-digit speeds thanks to heavy city traffic. But in a more recent video, they’ve been able to take the hydrogen fuel cell car out onto the open road so he can tell us what it’s all about. 

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Interestingly, the first thing The Grand Tour presenter has to say about the car revolves around its lack of smell. 

“It has no smell whatsoever. Not new car smell, not old car smell, not leather, not plastic, not manufacturing juices…

“In the same way that sometimes your bed has no temperature, you’re not conscious of being either hot or cold, this car has no smell.”

James is very pleased with how quiet the car is, as well as a more refined ride compared to the older model that he used to own. “I’m enjoying my new car immensely,” he tells the camera. 

He then moves onto the air purification system, which he explains is “making the environment better” as the car drives down the road. “If I drive along behind a stinky old diesel bus or something like that, I’m actually improving that car’s emissions.

“It’s a service to the community and you can thank me later.”

On top of this, he explains that the car is slightly larger than the older version. It’s also got a larger fuel cell – up by 12%, and the fuel cell stack is now smaller, lighter, and more powerful, creating an extra 30 horsepower over the previous model. Because of these changes, plus a few others, it’s cheaper than the older model, too.

Watch the video and let us know if you share the same enthusiasm as May in the Mirari. 

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Alex Harrington

Alex started racing at a young age so certainly knows his way around a car and a track. He can just about put a sentence together too, which helps. He has a great interest in the latest models, but would throw all of his money at a rusty old French classic and a 300ZX. Contact: [email protected]

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