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James May Has Kept The Beach Buggy He Drove On The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour has brought us some brilliant cars. The Aston Martin Vulcan was thrown around the Eboladrome, and Jeremy Clarkson chased a DeTomaso Pantera around France in a Citroen C3 Aircross. A modified Bentley Continental GT, nicknamed the MFB tore through Madagascar, and Jeremy loved it so much that he actually brought it home to his farm.

Season 1’s ‘The Beach (Buggy) Boys’ special episodes brought us a trio of beach buggies, with Jeremy, Richard Hammond, and James May each driving one across Namibia, and it turned out that James loved his so much, he bought it home to be rebuilt by Kingfisher Kustoms in Birmingham. 

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James has recently reviewed it in a brilliant new DriveTribe video, which you can see below:

The quality of the film is amazing and takes you back to the days of the Top Gear reviews on the famous test track. And guess what, if you want to see the behind the scenes of this film and how it was made, check it out on our Instagram channel! 

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The Buggy is based on the VW Beetle. As James says in the video, its chassis has been cut and a fibreglass shell dropped on top of it. All else that remains from the hated Beetle is the floor pan, the basics of the engine, a few suspension parts, and steering. James’ car is a close replica of the Bruce Meyers original, the Manx.

Is this better than the old Beetle it’s based on? Make sure you follow us on Instagram!

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