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James May Hospitalised After Huge Crash During Grand Tour Filming

The Grand Tour presenter James May was taken to hospital after crashing a car as he filmed alongside co-presenters Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson for the next episode of the popular Amazon car show.

According to reports of the incident, the Our Man In Italy presenter broke a rib and was taken for a brain scan after the crash, where he hit a wall at high speed. According to The Mirror, the lighting of the tunnel they were racing along only illuminated as he drove through it, so he wasn’t able to see the wall at the end of the long tunnel.

A source told The Sun:

“Jeremy and Richard were concerned about their mate and the paramedics swooped in quickly.

“As ever on a shoot of this scale, medical staff are waiting in the wings in case — as they did here — things go horribly wrong.”

According to the source, he “smashed his head quite hard” and was “shaken” after the incident with “pain in his back and neck”. It’s also understood that he broke a rib.

Fortunately, he was given the green light to continue filming after Jeremy and Richard had carried on without him.

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