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James May Is Selling His 1977 Ferrari 308 Because It “Wasn’t Enough” For The Grand Tour Presenter

In shocking news over the weekend, James May, the presenter of The Grand Tour and a soon-to-be cooking show ‘Oh Cook!‘, has revealed that he is selling his beloved 1977 Ferrari 308. Don’t fret, it wasn’t the 458 Speciale! “That would be an absurd thing to do,” he tells the camera in a video for DriveTribe.

“I’m sitting in the space normally occupied by my Ferrari,” he says. “But as you can see, my Ferrari isn’t in this space because it’s gone.

“It’s gone for good.”

He puts his mug down to explain more about his decision.

“I’ve not actually sold it, I’ve given it to a dealer to sell on my behalf because that’s just easier than having people coming around and farting and what have you.

“But it was quite a difficult thing to do, then, in the end, I didn’t really drive it very often, and it’s become old tech.”

He explains to the viewers that he didn’t love it anymore, despite it being a fantastic looking car, even calling it one of the prettiest Ferraris ever made in his view. But this wasn’t enough for the ex-Top Gear presenter, as this didn’t translate into a good drive.

“This is often the case with cars like that.”

He goes on to explain that he is selling it for less than what he bought it for thanks to classic car prices taking a dip over the last year for a number of reasons including Brexit, Covid, and Borris Johnson. This is however a very rare version of the 308 thanks to it being an early right-hand drive early steel-bodied carburetor model with the desirable dry sump.

Now, the car is sat at the Ferrari Centre in Kent where it is on sale for £69,995. You can find it here.

Here’s what they say about it:

1977 Ferrari 308 GTB (Carburettor) Rosso Corsa with Black leather and Black carpets. One of only 211 steel bodied UK right hand drive cars produced. Complete with original leather wallet, service booklet, tool kit and jack kit. Known by Kent High Performance Cars since 1996 and supplied by ourselves to the current keeper. Complimented by a sports exhaust and a large, well documented history file. This car will come supplied with a cam belt service, annual service and new MOT ready for the new owner to enjoy. This is a great example of a steel bodied 308.

“I don’t really like old cars,” May says. “Now the Ferrari is gone, I don’t have anything old.”

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