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James May Is Sure The 10pm Covid Curfew Won’t Affect His New Pub

Only days ago, James May revealed on Twitter that he is the proud new co-owner of a pub, named The Royal Oak. This pub, which sits in Swallowcliffe, near Salisbury, has been shut since the beginning of the UK lockdown, but now James May alongside a silent co-owner will be bringing life back to the building. But as of tomorrow, September 23, a 10pm curfew will be in effect where pubs, restaurants and bars will have to close to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

May, however, is adamant this won’t affect his new pub as he takes to Twitter to explain why.

“The new 10pm rule will not impact on #TheRoySwallowcliffe as it’s in the countryside. Everyone’s in bed by then anyway, because it’s so dark,” he says. 

May is obviously keen to remain light hearted, as he jokes about the limited amount of electricity in the English countryside. Fans were keen to respond in the same way:

It’s no surprise that fans were keen to highlight the vague regulations set out by Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier this week.

In a response to a fan, May has also confirmed that the pub is yet to open, but we’re sure as soon as it does he will post an update to his social accounts.

So if you fancy a pint with James when it opens, make sure you get there before 10pm, and maybe bring a torch?

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