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James May Isn’t Happy About Working At Home During UK Lockdown

We’ve heard from Jeremy Clarkson, we’ve heard from Richard Hammond, and now the last of The Grand Tour trio, James May, has given us a video message regarding staying at home during the UK lockdown and Coronavirus pandemic.

He posted the video to his Instagram and DriveTribe accounts to discuss “staying at home”. Watch  below:

Lucy Brown, a colleague of James’ from DriveTribe sent him an email asking him to do this. “[It’s] something, unfortunately, we all have to do.”

The email reads: “Hey Bim,” James laughs, “please make a very short video about working at home.” He looks at those last few words questionably before looking up from his phone. “B****ks,” he mutters.

Before you ask, James May was indeed filming this using a potato. Specifically, one from Jeremy Clarkson’s new farm shop that you can read more about by clicking here.

Stay in, stay safe, and stay healthy!

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