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James May Learns How To Properly Stir Fry With School Of Wok

Since James May released his cooking show, Oh Cook, to Amazon late last year, the website that he partly owns called FoodTribe has been following him on his culinary adventures. His most recent video sees him being taught by the brilliant Jeremy Pang, a chef and owner of School of Wok culinary school.

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In the video, they’re cooking stir-fried chilli beef from James’ cooking book, which Jeremy admits he’s very excited about trying. Countering him quickly, James says honestly:

“I’ll be truly honest with you now, all the things I’ve cooking, most of them multiple times. 

“This, I only ever did once,” he says, pointing at the marinating meat. 

“so, I’m perfectly happy for you to tear my recipe to shreds,” he tells Jeremy. 

The video is brilliant, with James May visibly impressed with Jeremy’s cooking skills within the first two minutes, and he’s given plenty more tips as they cook the dish. After James is finished, Jeremy then shows him how he does it, with the result being far superior to his own, although Jeremy is very diplomatic about it. 

Watch the video below:

And if you like this kind of stuff, take a look at the video they did before this, where Jeremy teaches James how to season a wok.

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