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James May May Spotted Outside Pub Amid COVID-19 Lockdown But It’s Not What It Seems

The Daily Mail recently reported that James May was spotted outside a pub despite the UK being in the middle of a lockdown thanks to COVID-19. For this lockdown, the government has asked everyone to stay inside unless it is crucial to leave, for example, for food shopping or if they are a key worker. The UK-based news outlet swung the story to make it sound as if James May was breaking curfew. In fact, the real story is quite different (although it’s on the edge…).

A passer-by who was on a jog at around 7pm spotted a group outside a pub drinking pints of beer.

He told MailOnline the following: ‘I was out jogging and as I went past the pub I saw that the lights were on and there were people standing outside drinking with pints.

‘Then I saw James May and I couldn’t believe it. You could hear him from the other side of the road because he’s got a very distinctive voice.

> Watch James May tell fans to stay inside

‘I was really shocked and disgusted. A high profile person like him should be setting an example and not show such disregard for all the advice we are being given.

‘The whole country is pulling together to get through this crisis but May clearly believes that he’s better than us all. He should be sacked and made an example of.’

As you can see from the photos (click here), May can be seen outside the pub with a pint in-hand. But you can see there is a good distance between the members of the group, although there is a ban on gatherings of more than two people. He claims that he was towards the end of a bike ride, which is allowed once a day, and saw that the pub was getting rid of its old beer.

“There’s no point in wasting good beer and the landlord just wanted to get rid of it,” he said to Mail Online.

“We were not inside the pub drinking, nobody was, I was just standing on the road outside having a pint.”

He apologises over Twitter:

Of course, we can’t condone this, as technically this isn’t allowed, but it really isn’t as bad as news outlets have made it sound.

Do you think James should be called out for such a thing? Let us know in the comments…

Like we’ve said before, stay inside as much as you can, stay safe, and stay healthy.

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