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James May: Mike Brewer Shocked By Grand Tour Presenter’s Car Collection

James May was named Captain Slow since his years on Top Gear, and despite the change to The Grand Tour, he has remained the slow and boring character that makes up a third of the team. Jeremy Clarkson was always the power-hungry ape, and Richard Hammond the small one with a love of America. But these are only characters, and it’s true that James May isn’t quite as slow as they make out with Mike Brewer being shocked by his car collection – or rather, a specific car May owns.

In a video where the Wheeler Dealers star talks about the presenters’ cars, he explains how he thought it was “weird” that a certain car belonged to James and not his co-star.

“Right, so I’ve got to review Clarkson, Hammond, and May’s cars,” he starts.

“Let’s talk about James’ first of all,” he says while looking at a photo of a white Porsche Carrera S.

“I would have thought that would have been more Richard’s car rather than James’ car, because he loves his Porsches.”

He continues with surprise at James’ choice of car:

“Great car, the Carrera S. Love it. His is in white. Kind of looks weird that James drives a white Carrera S.

“It’s not what I expect him to be in. I’d expect him to drive something that has got velour and brown on the outside. Not something that’s white and looks like it’s driven by someone with straightened hair,” he said

He continues to explain how James had made a good financial decision by purchasing this car.

“Kinda weird, but great car. Worth every penny. One of the least appreciated cars in the world. So, what its worth is probably a few grand less than what he paid for it.”

You can watch the full video below where among other things, Mike explains how he first met Richard Hammond.

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