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James May: Next ‘Our Man In’ Show Postponed For “A Long Time”

James May’s ‘Our Man In Japan’ travel show was met with extremely positive reviews after it hit Amazon Prime Video earlier this year. Straight away, it became obvious that Amazon couldn’t let it just be a single run, so behind the scenes, May and his team started to plan for the second season. Now, it’s just been revealed that due to COVID, it has been postponed for “a long time,” according to May in a recent interview.

“And Jeremy, he’s filming this farming documentary?” the interviewer began.

“Yeah, well he’s been doing that for ages,” James replies. “But I suppose, farming takes a whole year.

“I don’t know very much about farming I’ll be honest, but I suppose it must be a year-long cycle. So yeah, he’s just driving around in a tractor and filming it as far as I know.”

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The interviewer pushes further:

“Has lockdown expedited this sort of independent process that you’re going through?”

James replies, “it has delayed doing our big things like Grand Tour obviously because we can’t go anywhere.

“But we can’t go anywhere to do the other things we were going to do. I mean I was about to go off and do another of our ‘Our Man In’ shows. It’s not canceled, but it’s postponed but quite a long time.”

He continues:

“What it did do, I found, was it slightly focussed the mind. For example, I had to write the cookbook to go with my cooking show, I had to do all the text for this app. If I’d been allowed out, the weather was nice, I’ve got my bicycle and my motorcycle and there were a lot of distractions, a lot of pubs, a lot of restaurants and things.

“But I was forced to stay home so, to be honest, I got on with my homework and I finished it.”

This is very sad news, but not a surprise as the pandemic and accompanying travel and distance restrictions have been plaguing TV production for months now. We look forward to hearing more about the second season of James May: Our Man in… and will update you as soon as we know more.

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