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James May On The Future Of The Grand Tour: “Until One Of Us Just Dies”

The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick was released on Prime Video last week and has already received a lot of praise from fans.

With the hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and, James May getting on a bit, there have been many questions as to how long they will keep the show going.

The latest episode features the trio racing around a snowy Norway in rally-style cars doing some mad challenges, such as the tunnel race that ended with May in hospital with broken ribs; the hosts pulling skiers along with their cars and, turning cabins into caravans and pulling those along as well.

James May has said in an interview with The Mirror that even though they have been on our screen since the early 2000s, they do not plan on slowing down any time soon. He said:

“[Driving around on TV] isn’t particularly arduous. There are bigger problems in the world. There are far bigger problems in the world. I think we’ll probably keep doing it until one of us just dies.”

He continued, jokingly:

“Which might be quite soon, when you look at the three of us – Jeremy especially, but I don’t think the actual nature of the filming will stop us.

“I know someone who’s in the 90s still driving around in the car quite happily and that’s what we do, so I think we’ll be able to just keep going until somebody tells us to stop because they’ve had enough of us.”

May’s co-host Hammond agreed with him, saying:

“I’d never want to not do it. Because that’d be rude to fail to appreciate how bloody lucky I’ve been to get to do all that.”

We already know that the trio have been seen filming another Grand Tour episode in Europe, but no specific information has been released on this yet.

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