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James May Returns to The Reassembler For a Second Season

James May is our resident Captain Slow, and legions of fans recognize him as one third of the Top Gear/The Grand Tour hosting trio. But did you know Mr. May also dabbles in a quite a few other programs?

One such show is The Reassembler, which is pretty much exactly like it sounds like; James takes a bunch of stuff apart and reassembles it (such as 331 parts for a gas lawnmower which took 10 hours). It is far more entertaining than it sounds, especially with James’ personality on display.

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The Guardian now reports that BBC4 has moved ahead with a second series of The Reassembler, which will include May reassembling things such as a Kenwood Chef food mixer and a Hornby toy train and track.

“Here we go then. More workshop cock-ups and cod philosophy,” said May. “To be honest, I’d probably be doing this even if no one was filming it. There’s a lot of false jeopardy in TV, but this is absolutely real; I really do stand there for hours putting things back together.”

reassembler 2

“The great thing about reassembling bits of the past is that you’re reminded of how terrible it all was,” said May. “These are warnings from history – ignore them at your peril. It took me all bloody day to get that old record player back together. I celebrated by going out and buying a new tablet, with a massive memory.”

BBC4 has increased Series 2 to four 30 minute episodes, up from the three of the first series. Series one was quite successful, reaching approximately one million viewers per episode.

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  1. I really enjoyed this show. It scratched that itch I had as a little boy to take everything to bits and try to put it back together again, can’t do that now apparently according to the wife we need a “working” toaster and and a vacuum cleaner is not meant to smoke like that.
    Still really hoping beyond hope for more man lab

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