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James May Reveals Details On Upcoming Grand Tour Episode: “Heavy On Cars”

Days after James May: Our Man In Italy was released to Prime Video, the presenter has revealed more information on the upcoming Arctic Circle episode which we’ve covered in full on Grand Tour Nation.

The trio will be reuniting once again for what May has described as a more “serious” episode than usual. He has talked about the upcoming episode, which he will host alongside Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, to the Radio Times, saying:

“I can’t give too much away but the next one is interesting because it is actually quite heavy on cars,”

He continued:

“We’ve got three, very interesting cars in it and quite a lot of stuff. I don’t want to put you off by saying this, but it is actually a car show the next one,”

“Somebody said some of our specials are a bit like a travel show crossed with a sitcom, I think, and the cars are just there almost as an excuse or to provide comedy, but this one, the one coming up in Scandinavia is quite a serious car wars film just warning you.”

May went on to mention that he was glad that the three of them were able to go back to their routes and get into the nitty gritty about the cars.

“It was quite nice given that that’s that’s what our backgrounds are and it’s quite healthy for us to do occasionally,”

“Because although we do a lot of mucking about, it’s quite nice to occasionally be able to say to the audience, ‘Look, we do actually know what we’re talking about. And then it’s quite nice to indulge that occasionally.'”

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