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James May Reveals He Was A “Little Sh**”: ““Fighting, Urinating On Gravestones, Stealing Things…”

The Grand Tour presenter James May has admitted that while he’s now known as Captain Slow and the presenter of the trio that enjoys classical music, he used to be a rebellious choirboy who would urinate on gravestones. Or in his own words, a “little sh**”.

He admitted in an interview that he was a “horrible” person in school as he grew up in South Yorkshire before he became entangled in the BBC and Top Gear.

“As choirboys we were a bunch of little sh*ts. I mean, awful people,” he said on the Comfort Eating podcast.

He continued, giving more information on what he used to do to make him feel this way:

“Fighting, urinating on gravestones, stealing things,” he said. “Singing at people’s weddings for 50p without a moment’s thought for the sanctity of marriage.”


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May was taught at Oakwood Comprehensive School in Rotherham, describing his life there as “horrible”.

“I was daydreamy, belligerent, incredibly lazy and slightly subversive,” he noted.

He then mentioned how he.would “try it on at pubs” to get served while still being under the legal drinking age.

“You couldn’t quite reach the bar but you still got away with it, it was so exciting.

“You think you are going to get arrested and put in prison for drinking beer when you’re only 15, but of course you’re not – you’re just going to be told to p**s off.”

James May is the presenter of The Grand TourOh Cook!, and the Our Man In travel series. Before this, he presenter Top Gear alongside Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond.

Other TV successes from James include The Reassembler, Cars Of The People, and Toy Stories. Alongside his fellow presenters, he owns part of DriveTribe and its sister site FoodTribe.

Read more about James May by clicking here.

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