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James May Reveals New Book That Answers All Of Life’s Car Questions

The Grand Tour presenter, James May, has revealed to his Twitter followers the release of his brand new book: Carbolics.

According to, this is what readers can expect from the upcoming release:

“Why does a man with a Ferrari and a Porsche drive a Fiat Panda? Is going fast really necessary? Is it your fault if you get run over? Why will electric cars really save the planet (possibly)?

In Carbolics the UK’s favourite petrol head (after Clarkson and Hammond) James May answers these questions and more.

Across 80 essays, James gives his quirky, entertaining take on cars, motorbikes, trucks – and explains why the bicycle might just be the best invention of all.

Written with James’s characteristic wit and humour, Carbolics is the perfect Christmas gift for petrolheads.”

In true James May form and humour, he wrote to his fans:

“Here is a ‘reveal’ of my new book for you to look at. Thank you for watching.

“From November you can actually own it. In giddy anticipation of that you can pre-order it.

“This is a paper book so it does NOT work in the dark.”

May’s publisher was clearly not completely happy with the former Top Gear hosts announcement as he had to put out a ‘follow-up’ tweet with information he had missed.

He wrote:

“I have been instructed by my publisher to point out that Carbolics will also be available as an ebook and as an audio book, both of which will work in all light conditions.”

The news seems to have gone down well with May’s fans with many already sharing screenshots of their orders to purchase the new book. Although one fan quizzed May on why there is such a difference in wait time between the ebook and hard copy. May confirmed that the wait times were correct, but that he doesn’t know why there is a such a big difference.

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