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James May Reveals New ‘Navy Strength’ Gin: Limited Edition On Sale Now

Following the success of James May’s first run of gin, creatively named Asian Parsnip Gin, The Grand Tour presenter has revealed a second product after a fan emailed the company asking for something a tad stronger.

Asking for “Navy strength” the fan admitted that “the world of gin would never be the same”. Well, be happy, as ‘James Gin Asian Parsnip: Navy Strength‘ is ready be purchased now.

What Is Navy Strength Gin?

A Navy strength gin has to have at least a 57% ABV, and stemmed from the idea that if gin somehow got into gunpowder, it would still light and explode. The video above tells us that this began in the 16th century, and the same thing is available with rum, which was drunk by sailors. The gin was seen to be a little more fancy, so was drunk by officers.

Where Can You Buy James Gin Asian Parsnip: Navy Strength?

It’s currently available on the James Gin site but is sadly UK only at the moment unlike the original gin which is available in both the UK and US. It’s £16 more expensive sitting at £55, but if you’re a gin-lover like me, then this price likely won’t phase you.

This isn’t sponsored content. I really did enjoy the parsnip gin (that I bought myself), and have just purchased the Navy Strength. So hurry!

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