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James May Reveals That There Will Only Be 2 Episodes Of The Grand Tour Released In 2021

James May reveals that The Grand Tour will, in fact, release two more specials in 2021 and that “Russia isn’t canceled.” You’ve got to be kidding me; they are only releasing two episodes next year? This is very discouraging news to Grand Tour fans that were used to more than ten episodes per season. Now the new format not only takes away most aspects of the show like car reviews and news segments, but it will only be putting out a fraction of the content.

In a recent interview, May said: “We’ve already filmed one for next year, which is our recent Scotland adventure, so I would hope we could do another one next year, but it’s slightly out of our control. It depends what happens with all the COVID stuff. But I’m confident we’ll be able to film another one, so two will come out in 2021.”

With COVID-19 putting a halt to production earlier this year, The Grand Tour isn’t expecting an increase in production speed. This nonchalant production approach will result in just two episodes in 2021, numbers we hoped we would never see. UK lockdowns aren’t helping production either.

James went on to say: “The Russia plan is simply postponed until we don’t know when, but we haven’t canceled it. We’re just having to put it in the cupboard at the moment, but we will get it out one day and finish it off.”

James apparently says that the whole reasoning behind this delayed production is the fear of losing money. He said: “It’s a bit risky to spend a lot of money on a shoot because by the time we get round to go, which is usually seven months later, the whole picture of COVID and restrictions all could have changed, and we might not get to make it.”

Despite this colossal bombshell, May still somehow seemed optimistic about this monumental cut in content. He said:

“I think once the Russian trip was put on hold, we realized it was a bigger problem than we thought. But it doesn’t stop you making great television. The process of being forced to rethink it in some ways is really healthy because otherwise, you would get complacent or set in your ways.

“So, it’s making us use our imagination. It’s obviously not good news for the world because we’ve got a pandemic, but for The Grand Tour, it’s definitely not going to stop us. If anything, it might even improve us – imagine that!”

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