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James May Reveals Truth Behind Famous Gordon Ramsay Fish Pie Competition Over A Decade Ago

With James May now the presenter of his own cooking show, Oh Cook, he’s now shown his talent in the kitchen to a lot of Amazon Prime Subscribers. But for those of us who have kept up with The Grand Tour presenter’s career for many years now, he first gave us a glimpse of his cheffing skills when he joined celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay on his show, the F Word. Here, May and Ramsay competed against each other to find out who could make the best fish pie, and to our surprise, James May won.

He’s now talked about this in a recent interview with FoodTribe, where he reveals some truths behind the production.

“There was nothing set up about it,” May admits. “I actually spoke to Gordon Ramsay on messages, a few weeks back, just before Christmas actually, and I did say to him, ‘look because I’ve done this cooking show, the old fish pie contest has been mentioned a lot and I’m sorry about that.'”

He continued:

“I admitted to him, and it is after, over a decade, I actually thought his was much nicer because I did try them both.

“And mine was a bit stodgy, and it’s a bit sort of bechamel, whereas Gordon’s has got very fluffy potato on the top and the sauce is much more fishy,” he laughs. “Rather than milky, and it’s just a much much more sophisticated taste.”

He’s not one to live down his win, though, as he continues:

“But, those women sitting at that table thought otherwise, and their decision is final, so I won by three points to two I think,” he finishes smiling.

He jokes, mentioning sarcastically that he doesn’t think about it at all, he only just mentioned it in his recent cookbook.

“He’s okay with it, he just thinks it’s funny.”

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