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James May Reveals What Was Going Through His Head During Grand Tour Crash

There has been a lot of joking between James May and his co-hosts, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, regarding how May crashed his Mitsubishi Evo into a wall in The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick. 

With his nickname of “Captain Slow” no one anticipated that May would be the one to be involved in a high-speed crash, where he was determined to beat Clarkson’s top speed.

Since the release of the latest special last week, Hammond and May reunited with the cars of the episode and discussed the future of the cars after filming and also what was going through May’s head when the crash happened.

Hammond asked May what went through his mind as he was hitting the wall. May responded:

“I just thought I’m going to hit the wall, so I mustn’t hit the camera man. I even thought, I mustn’t hit Jeremy Clarkson which is a strange thing to think.

“I was just trying to turn sideways and try not to hit them.

“The realisation came pretty quickly”

“The b******s moment.”

Hammond sheepishly asked May why he didn’t brake earlier. May explained:

“I apologise for taking what is rightfully your role and very out of character for me. But you can’t brake and then think ‘do you know, I think I will go back and do that just a little bit earlier’.

“And I was trying to win.

“I don’t know why, I don’t care about winning stuff.”

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