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James May or Richard Hammond: Which One Collects Toy Cars?

I’m a grownup but I enjoy collecting things that many would perceive as “kids toys.” My office if packed to the brim with actions figures, statues, model cars and various other display-type toys. I also have over 1200 comic books that I have been collecting since I was a kid. My point being, I may be a married adult with two children, but I sure as hell like my toys.

A similar question popped up during the September 22nd Facebook Live interview. A fan asked Hammond how many models of toy cars he has, and the following exchange occured:

Hammond: “Me? None. I don’t have any models of toy cars. James is your man for that.”

James: “You don’t have any toy cars? I have some toy cars.”

Hammond: “You’ve got LOADS of toy cars! Your office is full of them; your office is like a children’s nursery. There are more toys in your office than in my house, and I have children.”

James: “Well, people give them to me!”

There’s always the age old argument that once you hit a certain age, you should stop associating yourself with “kids” stuff. I call hogwash on that. Why should I stop doing something I enjoy? If anything, I’m a grown up now; I can now have as many as I want without Mom saying no.

I love my collection of Maisto model cars, comics, action figures, etc. My kids do as well, and my wife…well, my wife tolerates it. What about you readers? Anyone collect model cars like May?

SOURCE: Facebook

Tony Hsieh

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