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James May Shares Taster Recipe From His New Cookbook

The Grand Tour presenter James May has recently turned his talents to cooking with the release of FoodTribe and now more recently, his very own cooking show called “Oh Cook!”. Coming to Amazon Prime Video later this year, May is also releasing an accompanying cookbook that can currently be pre-ordered, also from Amazon.

The book promises “60 easy recipes that any idiot can make” from brunch to pub grub and roasts. This also coincides with his purchase of a pub called the Royal Oak in Swallowcliffe, Salisbury, which will open late October. Now, as if May hadn’t done enough, he’s released a teaser of his cookbook on Twitter.

Tantalising taster of the challenging recipes in my forthcoming cook book. #PlugOfPlug,” he posts. 

The link takes you to a page on The Times, which currently has a paywall, but by starting a free trial you can gain access to his piece. It begins with an explanation of why his cookbook is like no other, and how it connects to the on-screen version:

“Mine is no ordinary cookery book. This is different, because I can’t cook.

“Usually, with these TV/cookbook tie-in jobs, the book comes first and then selected bits are filmed for the show.

“The idea behind Oh Cook! is to learn on screen and then put the successful bits into print.”

James May has been very active in front of the camera for his new YouTube channel that accompanies the FoodTribe website, with him covering a number of simple recipes such as a cheese and salad sandwiches.

Are we to see more of this, albeit with a slightly higher budget, when it arrives on Amazon? We hope so. And if it receives similar reviews to his previous show, James May: Our Man In Japan, it will definitely be worth the subscription price.

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