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James May Shows Off New Nurburgring Mask In Recent Post

James May has recently posted a photo of him on DriveTribe sporting a very snazzy (I write that ironically) new mask that he was given by “Jeff at Toyota in Derby”. The thing is… it has the track outline of the Nurburgring on the side. And we all know that James May despises the Nurburgring!

“You know that? If I’d been in bomber command in 1943, I would have bombed the Nurburgring every single night until it was gone!” James argued on an old episode of Top Gear.

He argues that car manufacturers who test their cars on the Nurburgring produce cars that have a bad ride quality, and that instead, cars should just be tested on the public road. In fact, I did a bit of digging, and found a very old article that was written by James May on the original Top Gear site. It’s since been deleted, but you can find it by clicking HERE.

This is a quote taken from the piece:

I may be alone in this, but I reckon that a lot of performance cars I drive lack proper feel. I blame the Nürburgring. Being able to claim that your daily driver holds a production car lap record somewhere in Germany is a good boast down the pub for the feeble minded, and the map of the place that Aston Martin embroidered on the center console of the N400 might make its owners feel superior, but it’s all nonsense.

In what way is the Nürburgring like the roads we drive on? There is nothing coming the other way, no pedestrians, no traffic lights, no tractors coming out of fields driven by cider-addled bucolics, no average-speed cameras; nothing, in fact, that makes real driving a sort of feel-as-you-go activity.

In the posted photo, fans were quick to compare him to Filch from the Harry Potter films. I can’t say I don’t see a resemblance…

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