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James May Starts New Business Venture That Grand Tour Fans Are Going To Love

James May, has expanded his latest venture away from The Grand Tour. May has recently released the third instalment to his gin series, the American Mustard flavour. And now, it has been revealed that he is expanding his business even further and has started a gift shop, James Gifts.

Just in time for Christmas, the former Top Gear host has launched further products in line with his gins. The original Asian Parsnip gin was a great success with fans and so he later released the Navy Strength version. May kept fans guessing with the most recent flavour, American Mustard, by posting anagrams and clues on his social media.

According to the James Gin website, the gifts are branded in true hilarious May fashion, including a cap called ‘The IQ Reducer’, a beanie hat named ‘The IT Consultant”, and ‘The Rules of Chess’. The latter is May’s rules of chess along with two bottles of the James Gin, which fans will realise is related to the video released on the ‘What Next?’ YouTube channel of him and Richard Hammond playing chess together whilst drinking his gin and getting progressively more intoxicated.

The products seem to all be available straight away with delivery in time for Christmas. In the message sent to fans, May introduced James Gifts saying:

“Good news. It’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to get through Christmas.

“You could buy your relatives cutting-edge high fashion clothing. Or simply plan to drink heavily. Either way James Gin can help.

“Happy Black Friday/Christmas/Holidays and remember that ‘gift’ is a noun not a verb.

“Please be happy responsibly.”

Although May is going off in a different direction to what fans are used to, he still comes together with Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson for The Grand Tour specials which come out roughly twice a year. The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick was released in September to Prime Video which showed the trio racing around Norway in rally-inspired cars with the normal chaotic hilarity. Fans are hoping to see the the next special released shortly as filming finished in Europe earlier this year.

You can find all of the gifts by clicking here!

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