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James May talks Amazon Numbers and Murdering Jeremy Clarkson

The Times caught up with James May as he is set to launch the second season of “The Reassembler” on BBC 4 in the coming days and learned a few fun details about his feelings towards co-host, Jeremy Clarkson.

Leading up to the questions on Clarkson, May was asked about the numbers around the launch of the Grand Tour and if they will release the performance numbers:

“They never will. It’s policy. We know they are more than good enough but they won’t say what they actually are. They are happy.”

With a solid comeback from the end of Top Gear and the building of a new show like The Grand Tour, the Times asked if the hosts would be celebrating this holiday season.

“We are sick to death with each other by the time we get out of work. We genuinely get on each other’s t*ts.”

“We are very different people. I am not interested in going shooting or to fashionable restaurants. We are work colleagues.”

“No, we are not drunks. We do like a drink obviously because we are middle-aged, middle-class men. We are very sensible grown-up people.”

The answer isn’t much of a surprise as the boys joked around in many interviews about their loathing for each other and how they spend too much time with each other as it is.

As the reporter pressed on about Clarkson, you can hear May’s sarcasm oozing out as he talked about a perfect murder idea he conjured up during their North Pole adventure in 2007.

“Fantasize is probably a bit of a strong word. I’m only joking. I wouldn’t really kill him with a shovel.

“But it did occur to me that if you were looking for one of those perfect crimes I could probably have got away with killing him.

“The ice would have melted and he would have sunk to the bottom of the sea and so would the shovel.”

More comments from May specifically about Clarkson and their relationship:

“Just his presence really. We are very different people.

“I am not interested in going shooting or to fashionable restaurants. We are work colleagues.”

All of this is not much of a surprise, except for the story about murdering Clarkson in the North Pole. The boys have been working together for such a long time and their chemistry is predicated on the differences between them.

They are middle-aged men who have circles of friends outside of the show and with all the traveling they do for the show, I’m sure they barely have any time to even have a life.

It’s the cost of having what some consider the “best job in the world!”


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  1. No surprise, really. It’s much like the relationship with many successful on screen personalities, such as Penn & Teller and Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage.

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