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James May Teaches Us How To Cook The Perfect Steak

In the most recent FoodTribe video, our favourite celebrity chef, James May – yes, he’s a chef now if you still didn’t know. Have you not watched Oh Cook yet? – shows us how to cook the perfect sirloin steak alongside a peppercorn sauced sourced (see what I did there?) from FoodTribe’s own Lucy Brown.

The Grand Tour presenter begins with the sauce, rinsing the peppercorns of their brine. Whiskey, butter, and sugar are then added to the peppercorns in a saucepan and are heated over the hob. Teriyaki sauce is then added to the saucepan, and it’s all brought to the boil ready for a dollop of double cream. This is then left to simmer for 15 minutes.

May’s sous chef for this video, Lucy, then begins the steak, coating the meat in oil before seasoning with salt before whacking them on a very hot pan. As the kitchen slowly fills with smoke from the steak cooking, they take the steaks off to allow them to rest. With some sweet potatoes sat next to the meat, they add some greenery and finally pour the sauce over the plate. But before the sauce goes over the steak, they perform a quick taste test.

Finally, the sauce goes over, and the two complain that it hasn’t been reduced enough. So fine, maybe it wasn’t perfect, but it’s pretty damn close. And now I’m very hungry.

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