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James May Teases Crazy New Product: “Take My Money!”

The Grand Tour host, James May, has taken to Instagram to tease the release of his latest gin. May has released two other gins so far under the brand name ‘James Gin’. The first was the asian parsnip flavour which was an instant hit with fans, and then he released the asian parsnip navy strength.

Now, May has revealed that the next gin will be released in three days, according to the James Gin instagram story which shows the product being bottled with a countdown over the top. They also shared a photo to the instagram account of May holding a bottle of the latest flavour with a yellow label and question marks on it. The caption read:

“Ho ho ho, have I got a surprise for y’all.”


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One fan was particularly eager by commenting “Take my money!!!” before even knowing what the flavour will be.

May has been very secretive about the flavour of the latest release posting cryptic photos to get fans to guess what it will be. In a recent post, May put up an anagram for fans to work it out. He wrote:

“Coming sooner than you think…”


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Many fans have been posting their guesses in the comments with the main consensus being that it will be mustard flavour, and going by the previous ‘out-there’ flavour choices this wouldn’t be surprising, and could actually work quite well.

Other fans took the opportunity to go wild in the comments. One fan suggested that it would be “RAMDUST” and another wrote “armdust?”.

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