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James May To Reassemble His Own House For New Series

We reported only a couple of days ago that James May is knocking two of his properties down to build one large house in their place. Recent reports have shown that this in fact isn’t true.

Instead of building a larger house where him and his partner will reside in the place of their old house and workshop, he’s taking apart his two properties just so he can reassemble them. This is what he had to say when we interviewed him about it.

“I started reassembling things from a young age. It all started with my parent’s record player, I think. I took it apart bit by bit, savouring each removal, then a spring pinged off and I lost it under the floorboards. I never found it, but I’m hoping the house reassembly will be even more successful.

“I’ll be filming it for a new The Reassembler series. Shouldn’t be more than four episodes because I’m quite fast these days. Unless I cock it up.”

The next series of The Reassembler is expected to be released in 2029 ten years from now. This is a surprisingly long time, but Executive Producer Will Garage Doors had this to say on the subject:

“Y’know how James likes to take things apart and organise everything before he puts it back together? Well we didn’t ask him to do that. That’s just for his only amusement..

“Now image that with a house. Then you’ll understand the ten year wait.”

Cameramen have been told to expect a hearty job with no overtime. We wish them good luck and a happy April Fools

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