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James May Treats Us To 40 Minutes Of Fixing Old Hornby Train

We’ve been keeping up with James May‘s latest series of fixing an old 00-gauge Hornby train, but now we’ve got the last episode of the Reassembler-like videos where him and Mike Fernie from DriveTribe finish the repairs.

After moving from a pub to James’ garage, they take the model train apart once again to properly clean its internals. They did this in the last episode, but due to them not having the right cleaners, they did the best they could, but it wasn’t enough. Now, armed with James’ full arsenal of tools and cleaners, they get to work properly cleaning the train.

With the motor back together after a good clean, they test the motor once more and it works. The next job is freeing up the stiff chassis, which yet again involves more cleaning. Are you getting the theme here?

They get the chassis sorted with a dot of lubricant and the testing begins.

The train has been out of commission for 60 years, so it would be a small miracle if this thing actually works. But lo and behold, the men get it going and, with the extreme power of the newly lubricated train… push an Iphone off the table.

What do you want to see James May fix next? A Scalextric? An RC plane? Let us know in the comments below.


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