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James May’s Cooking Show ‘Oh Cook’ Is Coming To Amazon Prime AND Television

James May has taken to Twitter to announce that not only is his new cooking show, ‘Oh Cook’ coming to Amazon Prime later this year, but will also be released on television. On top of this, a cooking but that runs parallel to the content of the show will be released at the same time.

The book describes itself as “60 easy recipes that any idiot can make,” and will surely feature a host of easy to make meals like the beef burger shown on the cover.

“Not only have I made a cooking show (with accompanying book),” James says on Twitter. “But Amazon have agreed to put it on the telly. Extraordinary times indeed.”

The show is rumoured to run for six episodes and will be released later this year between the release of The Grand Tour’s next episode which has been filmed and edited, and fellow presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s new show called ‘I Bought The Farm’.

We’re all very excited to see the shows as they’re dripped onto Amazon Prime, and will more than likely talk you through how we ruined some of James’ recipes in the near future.

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