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James May’s Old Reliant Robin Is Now For Sale

When The Grand Tour first began back in 2016, the presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May each bought themselves a company car. Weirdly, they all chose the three-wheeled Reliant Robin and their company logo was printed onto the side of each car.

Now, James’ white Robin is for sale on Ebay, as he made known on Twitter:

The car isn’t currently owned by James May, but he himself has confirmed that it was the car he previously owned. But surprisingly, despite the car’s owner history, it’s only currently sat at £2,000 after 7 bids, but with 8 days to go, it has the time to go up in price massively if it gets found by the right people.

The advert reads:

**Re-advertised due to previous buyer falling through**

Cream Reliant Robin previously owned by James May – The Grand Tour.
The interior and exterior of the car is in good condition.  However, it does not have an MOT and has not been serviced recently.
This is a unique opportunity for fans of Top Gear and The Grand Tour to own a car previously owned by Mr James May.
Collection only Fakenham, Norfolk.
Judging from the car’s history, the car hasn’t been driven on the road for 4 years, but while it hasn’t had a recent MOT, the MOT it took in 2018 came back with a clean pass. The last MOT before that, taken in 2014, also came back as clean, so this looks to be a good specimen if this is to be trusted.

Of course, signs of being sat may be prevalent, but this is nothing a bit of TLC can’t fix.

So, if you’re interested in owning a bit of Grand Tour history, make sure you keep an eye on the bidding! Until then, let’s take a trip back to Top Gear’s brilliant Reliant Robin film:

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