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James Mays Reveals New Pub ‘Royal Oak’ Opening Date

James May of The Grand Tour has been teasing his new pub, The Royal Oak, on Twitter for a week or so now, but as it’s been closed for the majority of this year, we’ve all been waiting patiently for an open date. Now, James has revealed all on Twitter.

Only last week did James admit that the pub wasn’t going to be affected by the UK Government’s 10pm curfew, joking that everyone in that area, Swallowcliffe, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, is asleep by then anyway. 

The new 10pm rule will not impact on #TheRoySwallowcliffe as it’s in the countryside. Everyone’s in bed by then anyway, because it’s so dark.”

Of course, Clarkson had something to say about this:

But when does James May’s pub open? He took to Twitter to explain:

Good news! #TheRoySwallowcliffe will, Boris permitting, re-open on 28th October, in a covid-compliant way. It’s a Wednesday. Please don’t all come at once,” he says.

If you want to book yourself a table, head over here to get yourself booked. Let’s face it, this place is going to fill up quick with James May at the helm.

Over the weekend, James May has also revealed that he is selling his gorgeous classic Ferrari 308. He explains that the Italian supercar “isn’t enough” for him. You can read more about this rare opportunity by clicking the big button below, including where to find and buy the car. 

James May Is Selling His Ferrari 308

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