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James May’s Terrifying 70mph Crash into a Wall During The Grand Tour Filming

In a harrowing episode of The Grand Tour, James May crashed into a concrete wall at over 70mph, shocking viewers and his co-stars. The incident occurred during the filming of their latest Scandinavian adventure, highlighting the dangers of high-speed driving in challenging conditions.

Key Takeaways:

  • High-Speed Crash in Norway: While filming The Grand Tour’s special Scandinavian episode, James May lost control of his yellow Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 in a tunnel and crashed into a wall at more than 70mph. The 59-year-old presenter was visibly shaken and required assistance to reach an ambulance.
  • Challenging Driving Conditions: The trio, including Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, were navigating unlit tunnels at an old naval base. The pitch-black conditions, combined with the need for quick adjustments at high speeds, contributed to the accident, especially when the overhead lights flickered on as the car entered each tunnel section.
  • Co-stars’ Concern and Audience Reaction: Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond were quick to respond to the accident, with Clarkson informing Hammond of the severity of the crash. Footage from the scene showed a dazed James being assisted into an ambulance, prompting a wave of support from viewers on social media.

In the latest instalment of The Grand Tour, James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond ventured to a remote area in Norway for their episode titled “A Scandi Flick.” The premise involved the hosts driving at speeds exceeding 70mph through dark, unlit tunnels at an old naval base, testing their driving skills under extreme conditions.

Tragedy struck when James May, driving a yellow Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8, lost control towards the end of the course and slammed into a rock wall. The collision was intense, with footage showing May being violently jostled inside the car upon impact. Jeremy Clarkson, realizing the severity of the crash, immediately contacted Richard Hammond, saying, “It’s a big one.”

Richard Hammond, concerned for his colleague, hurried to the crash site. There, viewers witnessed a shaken James May being carefully extracted from the vehicle and placed on a stretcher. This footage, showing May being escorted to an ambulance, sparked a flood of support on Twitter, as fans expressed their shock and well-wishes for the popular presenter.

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