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Jeremy Clarkson Admits Cost Of Living Crisis Is giving Him “Moments Of Despair” As Prices Rise

Jeremy Clarkson, the presenter of The Grand Tour and most recently Clarkson’s Farm, has spoken out on the cost of living crisis that is currently sweeping not only England, but many other parts of the world as fuel costs soar across the board.

He predicts that people will start to “eat their neighbours” as society starts to move towards “hunger, misery, and death”, with the food crisis giving the presenter sleepless nights as he expects farmers to fallow their fields for a year instead of growing.

“Some have already decided to fallow their fields next year and grow nothing at all,” he wrote as he explains that the rising cost of fertiliser has put farmers off of farming this year as usual.

Adding that some people can “live without heat or clothing or even s*x, they cannot live without food”. “Hunger makes people eat their neighbours,” he wrote.

The current food crisis has been caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine, with the latter being the world’s sixth-largest exporter of wheat in 2021. Now it’s been reported that £6.8billion of wheat isn’t being exported from the country thanks to Russian forces blocking access to sea-based trade routes.

Jeremy expects this difficulty to be reflected in the price of food which has already risen due to the steep increase in the cost of fuel.

“This Ukraine business, however, is causing me to have a few chin-scratching moments of despair,” he writes.

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