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Jeremy Clarkson Admits His Grand Tour Bentley Continental Now Needs To Be Scrapped

Now you’ve all seen the new episode of The Grand Tour. It’s called A Massive Hunt, and is named that because we follow the trio as they go on a massive hunt for hidden pirate treasure. The treasure is hidden somewhere on the island of Madagascar, and to traverse the awful roads of the country, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have modified three cars to make them capable (ish) off-roaders.

Clarkson chose a Bentley GT Continental which I’m sure you know all about now. It was lifted, armoured, and equipped with large off-road tyres. The car was so good, and the ex-Top Gear presenter loved it so much, that he actually took it home, and since they filmed the episode it’s been residing on his farm.

But now, bad luck has struck, and it’s looking as though he won’t be able to keep it for much longer.

“I fell so deeply in love with that car that I decided I’d bring it back to the farm,” Jeremy said. “It took a while but, eventually, the Bentley arrived back in Britain, and I was very happy. But then came word from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. The Bentley had started in life as a development mule and the rules say these must be destroyed to ensure they don’t ever seep onto the market”.

Unfortunately, unlike Hammond’s Oliver which has stuck with him for years after the special Top Gear episode where he found the lovely little Opel Kadett, this Bentley won’t be sticking by Clarkson’s side. Sad times.

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  1. I wish Jeremy would have the builds for his Bentley and his Boat in Seamen recorded and release on youtube or on Amazon Prime

  2. I would be more than willing to give the Bentley a good home..
    There are plenty of dirt roads to let it play on.
    I can teach it how to hunt and fish..
    And there are plenty of other 4x4s for it to play with..

    And best of all here in Wyoming the government wont force me to put it down (perfectly legal)

  3. Put it Up for Charity Auction in America. Modding Vehicles Tends to Destroy the Collector Value, and Americans Will Just Replace the Crewe Parts Regardless When They Wear Out. Hope You Lads Finally Got Your Fasteners Sorted From Previous Models that Were Assembled with Cabinetry Bits. Personally, I Rather Fancy the Timeless Rivets and Glue Construction of the Lotus 7. If it’s Good Enough for the Tub of The Original McLaren F1, that is… Many Thanks to ‘Full Custom Garage’ for Showing that Cardboard and Resin Never Go Out of Style, No Matter how Many Times Polyester Gets Heat Treated. Cheers!

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