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Jeremy Clarkson Admits To Murder In Order To Get His Bins Emptied

Jeremy Clarkson isn’t used to not getting his own way. Even after punching the ex-Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon and being forced to leave the BBC car show, Clarkson landed on his feet with every other channel in the world wanting to scoop up his and his fellow presenters, Richard Hammond and James May.

So when his local binmen refused to take his rubbish away, he was keen to shout them out.

Clarkson’s Recent Column

In a recent column by Jeremy Clarkson, he tells a story of a man in Ukraine who told the police he killed his parents in order for the police to clear the snow off of his road.

 “A man in Ukraine was so fed up that the council wouldn’t send a snow plough to clear the blocked road outside his house that he called the police and said he’d murdered his parents.

“After they’d cleared the drifts and arrived at his property, they found his parents were alive and well.

“He was fined £3 for wasting their time.”

The lie worked, and this set The Grand Tour presenter’s imagination running.

Jeremy Admits He’s Murdered A Rambler

It seems as though Clarkson was influenced by this story, as he sets out a plan to get his local council to empty his bins. He’d tell the police that he’s “murdered a rambler and put her in his wheelie bin”.

He continues:

“Which is why I’d like to tell the police in Oxfordshire this morning that I’ve murdered a rambler and put her in my wheelie bin.

“So, if you want to find the body, you’d better get the council to empty it out as quickly as possible.”

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Clarkson Doesn’t Understand Bins

He explained that he’s very confused by his bin, and doesn’t have the time to work out what goes in which bin.

“I really don’t have time to do a full CSI job on my rubbish just to make life simpler for the people I pay to sort it out.

“And what makes it all worse is that when I square up to the binmen, they come round at the crack of dawn, before I’m up, and fight back with letters and threats and rules.”

Clarkson admits that his binmen have put stickers on his bin to let him know they haven’t been emptied.

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