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Jeremy Clarkson and James May Bring in The New Year in Completely Different Ways

A new year brings new beginnings and lessons learned from a hard and long three hundred and sixty five days of efforts and emotions. We know how much one year has hurt Top Gear, but more importantly, we have seen what a year has given a person like Jeremy Clarkson.

With the ink still drying on his contract with Amazon and putting together a skeleton crew on the move, 2016 started off with an amazing bang for Jeremy Clarkson. It continues like an avalanche with a global tour to film in different locations, producing a show that needed to avoid the BBC’s ire and oh, travel the world again in a mobile television set while setting up a brand new company, naming the show and going on a whirlwind press tour.

That would be enough to look back and have a toast with friends about, but Clarkson finished out the year launching The Grand Tour to rave reviews and with his good friends, Richard Hammond and James May, went on a glorious adventure in the Namibian desert that gave fans a much needed refreshment of their amazing chemistry.

If any man deserves to celebrate, it would be Jeremy Clarkson and of course, he celebrated well along with these four lovely ladies.

On the flip side, James May had a very similar year to Clarkson, but decided to take a much more moderate approach on twitter. For a world that seems to be going into a year of unknown economics and politics, leave it to Captain Slow to let happiness show us the way.

We all hope you had a safe new year’s celebration and that we enjoy 2017 with an amazing end of Season 1 and beginning of Season 2 together.

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