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Jeremy Clarkson and James May Clash: “Oh Do F**k Off!”

Jeremy Clarkson and James May, the former presenters of the popular show Top Gear and current co-hosts of The Grand Tour, are known for their humorous remarks and on-air banter. Recently, May made comments during an interview where he referred to Clarkson’s farming venture as “big gardening” and admitted that he knew nothing about it. Clarkson responded to May’s comments on Twitter in his usual blunt style: “F**k off”.

May’s comments were made during an interview with when he was asked if he would rather spend a day working on Clarkson’s Farm or Richard Hammond’s Workshop. May responded by saying that he doesn’t know anything about farming, and in his view, farming is just “big gardening.”

“I think it would have to be Hammond’s car workshop because I’ve got some idea what I’m doing, whereas farming I don’t know anything about,” James said.

“In my view, it’s just big gardening, which I don’t really like.”

“Is all that sourdough and spelt bo***x over yet? I fancy a piece of bread,” May tweeted since the interview.

Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

Clarkson finally addressed May’s comments on Twitter, responding with a profanity-laced tweet that quickly gained a reaction from his followers: “Oh do f**k off,” he wrote to his co-presenter. Although some Twitter users found Clarkson’s response to be harsh, he defended himself:

“James is not a man who understands this kind of thing. He likes Spam.”

Clarkson bought the land that is now known as Diddly Squat Farm in 2008 and runs it with the help of manager Kaleb Cooper. The farm has been the subject of a popular series on Amazon Prime Video called Clarkson’s Farm, which documents Clarkson’s journey as a farmer.

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