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Jeremy Clarkson Answers Calls To Quit Smoking

Judging from Jeremy’s latest DriveTribe post, it looks as if he’s embarked on the difficult journey of quitting smoking after the calls from followers and, I’m sure, a badgering from his doctors.

As we all now know, he’s just been admitted to hospital with a severe case of pneumonia during his holiday in Spain.

WebMD explains how smoking can dramatically increase the risk of someone contracting pneumonia – I won’t attempt to explain why, I’m sure someone who knows much more than me about the subject can do that in the comments – but it is likely that his smoking was a contributing factor towards him catching it.

With a barrage of comments begging Jeremy to stop smoking, I think he may have answered our prayers and is now at least thinking about putting a stop to the habit. Or is just in hospital and unable to smoke… but we’re hoping the former.

Here are just a few of the comments asking him to stop smoking.

Now, this article doesn’t mean you should badger Jeremy to stop. I’m sure he is getting enough of that from his doctors! It’s his decision as to whether he does or doesn’t, but I’m sure we are all hoping that he can take some time out of his busy schedule and take a few weeks to think about himself.

Wishing the best to Jeremy Clarkson!

Alex Harrington

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